The World cup of Ice Hockey App


Mobile Application

For Swedish TV4's coverage of the World Cup of Ice Hockey 2013 we wanted to create a TV companion app that was more than just a companion – an app that could become an integrated part of the world cup coverage.


Live admin tool

Our live editor could send out questions within a split second to all app users – following every twist and turn in the fast paced hockey games.

A big competion

The users were collecting points and competing both against their Facebook friends and other players in being the top player in single games but also to become the world cup champion.

Broadcast integration

The feedback from the users was used as content in the live broadcast, creating a direct link between the fans at home at the commentators in the studio.

Great succes

A total of 2,7 million questions was answered, the app was featured by Apple and over 100 000 Swedes downloaded the application - making it the most successful second screen solution ever in Sweden.